Even when the cloud is nothing new and has been around for quite some time, a certain level of confusion still exists regarding what exactly the cloud is. There is a wide plethora of cloud services with which we interact every day, for both our business and personal processes. Whether we share documents with our colleagues, store customers’ information, check the traffic situation, etcetera, we rely on the cloud and the information stored there.

Choosing the best cloud services provider for our company can turn into a daunting and extensive task, as we must make sure such a partner fully understands the needs of our business. Being experts in the field of IT solutions, we offer a personalized and tailored service that will result in the planning, development, and implementation of the best cloud strategy for your business.

We work with a wide variety of cloud providers, and our experience in the field allows us to enhance the cloud experience by offering a broad set of cloud maintenance altogether. Some of these include Office 365 and Quadrotech for email migration management, including email back up and email encryption.

We also offer cloud vendor management and cloud migration services, as well as different Co-location centers and companies like CoreSite and Equinox. In addition, our experience in the field allows us to provide management and support to our clients whether they decide to use a private cloud provider like dinCloud or CoreSite, or a public cloud provider such as Azure, AWS, and Google.


Office 365

As Cloud Solution Providers, we have experience with many different companies and cloud services for businesses and enterprises. One of these partners is Microsoft, and we offer support for their entire line of Office 365 products. This way you will be able to fully take advantage of such an investment in a way that your company and your clients will benefit from it.

We offer a wide range of IT support for Office 365, including a dedicated team of specialists and technical account managers. They are in charge of working shoulder to shoulder with you and your IT department if you have one. We will work together in order to provide you with proactive and personalized guidance, as well as developing well-thought strategies. This will allow you to achieve your IT goals and make the most out of this type of investments.

In order to provide our clients with smart, safe, and effective cloud solutions, we also work with partners such as Quadrotech. This allows us to offer intelligent and large-scale migration solutions, detailed analytics, license managing, email back up and encryption, and more sophisticated management and administration services.


Cloud Vendor Management

Businesses had never been able to choose from such a wide variety of vendors and IT services as today. This can turn into a technological burden, for managing all these different services and products can take plenty of time, effort, and resources. As a result, many companies opt for investing in Cloud Vendor Management providers that will help them stay on top of the many digital business vendors we work with.

Aligning your Cloud Providers and Vendor Management teams might be difficult at the beginning but designing a successful and effective strategy is not impossible. Our experienced team of professionals will focus on the key areas of cloud-based technology in order to provide the support, guidance, and attention that you and your company deserve,

Some of the most important Cloud Vendor Management strategies we handle include negotiation of contracts and concept proofs, SLA monitoring and project coordination, IT communication channels, security and business integration, service enhancements, and a wide range of tailored strategies developed according to your particular needs.


Cloud Migration

Moving sensitive information from one cloud provider to another, or doing this for the first time, can turn out to be more complicated than we anticipated. It is essential for any business looking to migrate their data to find the ideal IT partner, one with the knowledge and expertise that will guarantee a successful and seamless migration.

Our team of professionals have plenty of experience defining, planning, developing, and performing quick and cost-effective cloud migrations. Your company’s information, databases, and applications will be safe and taken care of during the migration process. Besides, our team of experts will always remain available for you, willing to provide any assistance or support you might need before, during, and after your data has been migrated to the new service.

Whether you are migrating to or from a private or public cloud service, the amount of risks during the process will be reduced and minimized to close to zero. Our experience in the field allows us to provide safe, cost-effective, and successful migration strategies, assessments, and analysis based around the specific needs and objectives of your company.



Many business owners can’t afford or decide not to invest in a designated space to store and maintain their IT equipment, databases, or bandwidth. This is no longer an issue, as many companies are opting for investing in colocation centers instead. Also known as Co-Lo, a colocation center provides the facilities and infrastructure that any business would need besides offering the space, power, maintenance, and security for the server and storage equipment.

Colocation centers offer their space, equipment, and maintenance services to a wide range of clients, and businesses of many different fields and sizes can take advantage of such. However, finding the best Co-Lo for our company will depend on our specific needs and IT objectives. This is why we need to carefully review our current situation and have the proper guidance before deciding to rent a space like these.

We work with several different colocation centers, which ensures a professional and successful partnership from which our clients can benefit enormously. Our colo partners include companies such as CoreSite and Equinox, both known for their excellence service and flawless performance. Reliability and trustworthiness are our standards, and we expect nothing less from our partners.


Private Cloud

Finding the best Private Cloud hosting sounds more complicated than it really is. However, with the appropriate IT partner, your company will make the best decision based on your current situation, budget, and more importantly, storage needs. A Private Cloud service will enable your company to gather, store, manage, analyze, and transfer data within its own enterprise cloud, also known as intranet, or data center. This tends to be the most effective path to follow for companies that already have invested in the infrastructure and equipment required.

Our team of experts will help you evaluate your particular situation and your company´s cloud goals and needs in order to determine whether a private cloud service would be the best strategy for your business. We work with many different private cloud providers such as dinCloud and CoreSite. This way, you will receive the highest level of security and database protection, taking full advantage of this kind of investment.


Public Cloud

Many small businesses and young companies tend to choose public could vendors instead of private ones as it seems more appropriate for their technology and storage needs. It is important to understand the difference between these two types of vendors before deciding on a particular one.

Opting for a public cloud vendor means that we are not responsible for giving maintenance and managing the data center or equipment facilities. Despite popular belief, security breaches to public cloud providers are quite rare, which means your company´s databases, applications, and systems will remain safe.

In order to guarantee the utmost quality of service, we work with reputable, reliable, and trustworthy public cloud providers. Such public cloud partners include Azure, AWS, and Google, which have time and time again proven the quality, success, and level of excellency offered to their cloud tenants.


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