Learning how to fully take advantage of the myriad of technology solutions that are available is an essential step to become a successful business. Many companies still struggle with finding a strategy that suits their IT needs while helping them to achieve their particular objectives.

Besides, finding the right balance between tools available and strategies can be a long and daunting process. This is why, as business owners, we need to be considerate and thoughtful when looking for a technology consultation process.

Computer 1 Products was born around the idea of helping companies choose the most adequate and appropriate strategy, taking advantage of the right tools, thus achieving their goals without sacrificing valuable resources like time or money. Our IT Consulting services include Technology Consultation for your business, along with Project Management, as well as planning and completing Cloud Migrations.


Technology Consultation

Incorporating technology to our business practices so that we can improve as a company can become a difficult process, especially without the proper assessment. In order to achieve a successful and effective strategy, we must make sure we work alongside a team of professionals. This will ensure we receive guidance from experts in the field. Based on detailed and thorough analysis of data, we can develop a plan that will look forward to facilitating your company’s growth with a vision of the future.

Project Management

Planning and developing technology strategies for our company is only the first step in the process of becoming a technologically successful and efficient business. We need to make sure that the organization and completion of each task is overseen and managed properly and accordingly. Whether we are developing software, installing hardware, upgrading our networks, or working with cloud computing and data analytics, managing such projects require the knowledge and experience of an expert in the matter.

Cloud Migrations

Regardless of the field we are in, our company’s data is one valuable yet delicate and sensitive asset that should be handled with the proper care. Having to move or relocate data, applications, or any other company element to a new cloud computing environment is a process that can’t be taken lightly. Whether we need or want to migrate our data because of costs, performance, or security, cloud migration comes with many benefits for both our clients and our business.


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